Hidden Treasure!

by Lindsay Parnell

Well we're in the thick of it now! Packing, getting rid of more and more, and actually moving have been all consuming (like wake up in the middle of the night trying to remember if you told your contractor where the bathroom faucet you bought is... ). 

Shortly after demo began, our contractor (and friend!), Caleb sent me this:

I know this seems dramatic, but this news was like a little hug from Jesus. This kind of work is a big undertaking and commitment. I second guessed our decision to move forward with it a hundred times. So to find such hidden treasure the day it all started was such a wonderful feeling. 

Here's what it looked like sanded but not yet finished: 

Never in a million years did I think floors and ceiling could make me so happy - ha! (I feel similarly about our sink faucet and fridge - who even am I?!)

More to come soon!