by Lindsay Parnell

Work has started on our new house! I've enjoyed this process immensely, and am so excited to see all of our plans take shape. Everything has taken a lot longer than I thought it would - chalk those expectations up to HGTV and my naivety. However, the ball is officially rolling and there have already been a couple of amazing surprises along the way (more on that in a later post). 

Downsizing has been much easier than I thought it would! With the exception of some of Luca's things we're selling or donating, I don't really have sentimentality towards much of our stuff. I'm so relieved to discover this about myself, because had it been the opposite, this process would be much more difficult! Slowly, I've been going through each room and creating three piles in our garage - "donate", "garage sale", and "garbage".  There are some things that we will be keeping that just won't fit in the new house (dining room table and chairs, a king size bed, possibly our piano 😭) that we're not ready to say goodbye to. I know this is a little silly, because they're just things, but they're things we like, and that we've worked hard for, so we're putting them storage with the knowledge that we'll get to use them again one day - hooray! 

And now, the long awaited before pictures. 

The living room:

The kitchen:

The bathroom: