Johnny Boy

by Lindsay Parnell

My fandom started around the age of 14.

I can't remember who first showed me his music, but I do remember that I basically never took that beautiful, burned CD out of my 1990 gold Honda Accord. I knew every word. For my 16th birthday, my dad, being the greatest, surprised me with tickets to see John Mayer at the Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre in Santa Fe, NM. It was one of the most memorable birthdays/nights ever, and one that we still talk about. (I LOVE YOU TAMBOURINE BOY!) 

Well, fast forward 15 years and my wonderful husband surprised me with tickets to see him yet again for my birthday at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington! My mom stayed with Luca for the night while Eric and I hit the road!

We got a phone call a few days before leaving town saying that the tickets we purchased were no longer available for some reason (cue panic), and would we like two tickets front and center IN ROW 9?! Ummm, yes. Yes, we would.

You guys, it was unbelievable. 

I got about a million videos which will probably be pretty boring to most of you, but I'm posting a couple here anyway because I want to 😂  (don't worry they're down at the bottom!).