We're baaaaaccccckkkk!

by Lindsay Parnell

It's only been three years, ha! 

What better excuse to resurrect the ol' blog than having a baby and buying/remodeling a house? So here we are. I just can't stay away. 

A lot has changed since my last post.

Meet Luca Jayne:

She's our sweet, red head, who has captured our hearts completely. Truly, the hubby and I cannot get enough of her. She's happy as can be, loves to play, laugh, and say "da da" . Ugh, we are smitten. 

One of the main reasons I started the blog up again was to have a place I can post the many, many pictures and videos that we take of our girl - there are A LOT. 

The other reason I revived this space? We bought a house! It's a tiny house. Seriously - it's 650 square feet (I know). I want to document our journey of downsizing, remodeling, moving, and adapting. I'm actually really excited to get the process started. I think purging our lives of all the things we don't need/use/want is going to be fun (definitely a little tough as well) and so good for us! 

So there ya have it. Welcome back, little bloggie. Welcome back.