A little secret...

by Lindsay Parnell

Today, I feel awesome. 

I'm leading worship tomorrow night in Oneighty, and we're doing a new song. I've had it on repeat all day to get more familiar with it, and it's just bringing life and joy to me! I was a dancing idiot in my car today as I ran errands. 

In the mornings, I spent about an hour (give or take on the morning) with Jesus. For the past week or so, I've been super intentional with the first few minutes of my time with Him. I've focused on thanksgiving, praise, and worship. During these minutes, I don't ask Him for anything. I merely think of reasons to thank Him, I praise Him, and I worship Him for who He is. As simple as this sounds, it's not so easy. My typical prayers have consisted of asking Him to meet my needs, to change me, to help this or that situation. But intentionally focusing on Him and His goodness does something. I find myself thanking and praising Him for so many things that I would have never thought of.  Doing this does something in me. It brings life. It changes my focus. 

For the past 15 days, I have started my time in the morning like this. I can't tell you the difference that it's made. I feel so grateful. My perspective has shifted from what I lack to all that I have been given. I really think that I am becoming somebody different. I couldn't love this change more if you paid me to. 

Compassion, gratitude, love, willingness. These are just a few things that have swelled up inside of me in a way that I have never known before. As cliche as this may sound, take a few minutes out of your morning, sip your coffee, close your eyes, and take three minutes to thank Jesus. Thank Him for all the ways He's working in your life - even if you can't see it. Thank Him for how He loves you and thinks of you always. Praise Him for His goodness. Praise Him for the fact that this goodness is not based on anything you do, have done, or will ever do, but it's constant. Maybe it's the only constant in your life. Praise Him for it. Worship Him. Bow your heart, mind, and will to Him. Give Him every part of you. 

There you have it. A little secret I have discovered that is changing my life.