by Lindsay Parnell

Mondays I clean.

Even when I was in school, my days off were Sundays and Mondays. Sundays were the only day Eric and I had off at the same time,  so Mondays were really the only day I had to get anything done. It took me a month or two to figure out that if I did not clean/do laundry/run errands on Monday, the house would pretty much be disgusting, I would have to wear the same pair of pants that entire week, and we might end up using paper towels for toilet paper. So Mondays it was and Mondays it still is. But today, this Monday, is an overcast, chilly, absolutely beautiful day. One that calls for a fire, a good book, and a cup of tea (I don't even like tea very much, but when you get a day like this, you drink a stinkin cup of tea).

I've managed to put a load in the washer, but I must admit that that might be all that gets done today. It's too perfect outside, and too cozy inside.