by Lindsay Parnell

A little late, but better late than never...


This doesn't mean head back to Europe for a two week Italian extravaganza (although Lord knows how my little heart would love that!). I'm thinking a little more budget friendly. Eugene to see the in-laws and visit the Saturday market.Tamarack, Idaho to do some snow boarding and and cozy up next to a fire with a good book and some hot cocoa. Portland to visit Powells Bookstore and see a show (Civil Wars, I'm talking to you. Let's get it together, huh?).

Financial Peace

I'm not talking about paying off all of our debt - let's be honest, Eric and I had a little too much fun with the credit cards those first few years of marriage to tackle that in 12 short months - but I am talking about making the right decisions now, to give us that security later. I'm surprised at how easy it actually is. It's not easy to say no to that pair of shoes, but it is easy to make the budget, to pay attention to where the money is going, create the savings account and put money in it monthly. It all comes down to self control. Thanks Dave Ramsey!


Invest more. Love more. Give more. Be more intentional. Be more transparent. I'm more convinced than ever that relationships one of the greatest joys in life, and one of the main purposes in life - to be in relationship, and community with others. I'm excited for this part of 2013. Real excited. 


Last year, Jayne and I released our first EP. Being across the country from her presents a challenge in the whole writing/performing aspect of our music. But I'm still so confident in the fact that we were both born to sing, and write, both together and separately  I know that, while it will be difficult for Jayne and I together, we will still grow creatively, write, sing, and serve. I know serving is a biggie for both of us. It took me while to really develop the heart for it. But volunteering my talents, specifically in a church, is one of the most fulfilling things that I have ever done. I plan on doing a heck of a lot of it this year right here

Be more active

I'm one lazy girl. It's just my nature. My ideal is to sit, knit/crochet and watch a whole season of Grey's Anatomy in a week's time. But that is just not okay. A perk of Central Oregon is how many activities there are to do. I'd like to get a cute little bike (the cute factor will ensure that it is ridden) and ride it most places in the summer time. I'd like to get a kayak or canoe or one of those little surfboards you stand on with that paddle (not a clue what those are called) just be able to spend more time on the water. Little, semi-realistic things like that - I was tempted to say run a marathon but we all know that that's not gonna happen! We'll see how this one goes - it's definitely more on the resolution/goal side of things...

Well there you have it. Here's to a beautiful, adventure filled year.