Demo Day! (kinda)

by Lindsay Parnell

There really wasn't a ton to demo in the little apartment, so I'm not sure it's fair to call it demo. I just really want to! We just needed to rip up that horrid green carpet and linoleum (hallelujah!) and tear down and a super weird built in shelving unit. It turned out to be pretty easy! Most of it was done within one afternoon, and there was only one injury. (Poor Eric stepped on a nail!)

The last two pictures are of Luca and I hanging out at the house while Eric is hard at work. She's such a champ!

So far redoing the adu has been pretty fun! (Says the girl who is watching her husband do most of the work - ha!)


Luca's First Lake Day

by Lindsay Parnell

We took Luca to Elk Lake a week or so ago. My girl loves to be outside, and the elements really don't seem to phase her (she is her father's daughter - I'm more of what you'd call "indoorsy"). The water was absolutely frigid and Luca was not a fan of having her little toes dipped in which you'll see below. But despite not really getting in the water, it was an absolute dream of a summer day. 

A little before...

by Lindsay Parnell

There's a little studio apartment in the back of our new house. The goal is to rent it out eventually, but first it definitely needs some help. We're going to do most of the work ourselves, since we're trying to hire someone to do a lot of the work in the main house, and money don't grow on trees! But we've decided to embrace this process and make it fun - as fun as manual labor can be! I will be taking you along with us as we gradually get 'er done. 

The before:  

Don't mind the plastic tarp in some of the pics - that was from some mold remediation. Ugh, what a pain! But the good news is - no more mold!

We have our work cut out for us, but my inner Joana Gaines can't wait to get to work! 

We're baaaaaccccckkkk!

by Lindsay Parnell

It's only been three years, ha! 

What better excuse to resurrect the ol' blog than having a baby and buying/remodeling a house? So here we are. I just can't stay away. 

A lot has changed since my last post.

Meet Luca Jayne:

She's our sweet, red head, who has captured our hearts completely. Truly, the hubby and I cannot get enough of her. She's happy as can be, loves to play, laugh, and say "da da" . Ugh, we are smitten. 

One of the main reasons I started the blog up again was to have a place I can post the many, many pictures and videos that we take of our girl - there are A LOT. 

The other reason I revived this space? We bought a house! It's a tiny house. Seriously - it's 650 square feet (I know). I want to document our journey of downsizing, remodeling, moving, and adapting. I'm actually really excited to get the process started. I think purging our lives of all the things we don't need/use/want is going to be fun (definitely a little tough as well) and so good for us! 

So there ya have it. Welcome back, little bloggie. Welcome back. 


Thoughts lately (and by lately, I mean tonight)

by Lindsay Parnell

  • The temperature is dropping, and it's getting darker earlier. Summer is ending (insert weepy emoticon here.) Autumn is my absolute favorite season of the year for so many reasons, but tonight I'm not going to pretend that I'm not a little sad about summer coming to an end. I know I've said it here before, but time is going by too quickly. Tomorrow is September 1st - I can't even handle it. (Eric and I went for a run tonight, and my ears hurt because it was so chilly out. Sick.)


  • Two of my dear friends got engaged this past week. I couldn't be happier or more excited for them. Tomorrow we're going dress shopping, and I cannot wait. Weddings are one of my favorite things on the earth. 
  • Friday, Eric and I got super dressed up and danced our booties off. All to celebrate life and our ability to get up and dance. We've watched our friend, Steve Stern, walk the very terrible ALS road for the past four years, but Friday we honored him by gathering and dancing. To say it was a beautiful night is an understatement. Here's a couple of pictures from that night:
  • I'm a little obsessed with landscaping our backyard...I realize that summer is coming to an end and all, but our house just doesn't feel complete. I'm ready to go sit in my beautiful outdoor space, fire pit roaring, and a glass of wine - I wouldn't even care if it was cold, you wouldn't be able to make me come inside. *Sigh*, maybe someday?